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Sistering Support Add On

"Sistering" is a building term in which a beam that's holding up too much weight is supported by additional beams on either side. This metaphor conveys what we're after with this support: helping provide equity pricing for BIPOC & others who have been under-represented in the outdoor rec world, as well as those who have expressed financial need. Your donation will go directly to lowering the costs for others in the Mind & Mountain community. 

Cost: $45 will be added to your total

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Ski Babes: Midwinter 2023

Midwinter Round 2023

Get strong. Avoid injury. Have more fun this winter!

1 Single Payment

What's Included:  

  • One (1) six-week periodized online training round: 
    • Midwinter: Nov 27 - Jan 5
  • An extra two weeks of access to catch up on any missed content - Jan 6 - Jan 13
  • Downloadable PDF's of all workouts so you can stay consistent even without internet access
  • Weekly Mindset & Nutrition modules
  • Access to the online Ski Babes Community for support, accountability, and connections with fellow outdoor recreationalists that you connect to directly via your Ski Babes library - no extra logins required
  • All the Ski Babes Online Bonuses
    • Follow-Through Series
    • Nordic Ski Skills Workshop
    • Alpine Ski Skills Workshop
    • Modification Series
    • Outdoor Allyship Sessions 
    • Bonus Library of online Active Recovery classes

What you’ll need in addition:

  • Toy Package: Ski Babes workouts use a three-item "Toy Package" that costs ~$35 on Amazon. We'll email you links to recommended items after your purchase. The first two weeks of Round One are equipment-free to allow for shipping time. We'll also email you a PDF with DIY Toy Package alternatives for the minimalists, tiny cabin dwellers, & conscious consumers in the group.

Payment details: 

  • For a one time payment, payment will be deducted from your account immediately. You will receive an email receipt from either Stripe or Paypal
  • For multiple payments, the first portion will be deducted today and then again every 30 days until payment plan is complete. You will receive an email receipt for each payment from Stripe
    • You are expected to pay the full payment plan whether you complete Ski Babes or not. If you are unsure this is the right fit for you, you can sign up for one round of training here. 

If you are able, we always appreciate the one time payment option  - it helps keep the wheels of our small business turning and allows us to plan further ahead. Thank you for taking this into consideration! 

 What happens next?: 

After you enter your payment details, you will receive a welcome email with everything you need to get started. 

Refund Information: 

As with most time-bound online packages, we don't offer refunds for courses.  If you have questions or you would like to talk through your decision to enroll in this program, please click here to send us a message. and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


What People Are Saying:

Before Ski Babes and then Summer Strong, my 47-year-old body was telling me it was time to scale back. No longer the case! I was able to rebuild a bunch of muscles that I THOUGHT I was maintaining with other exercises. Now I’m back to doing the things I love, and feel a lot less joint pain while hiking, skiing, and biking.

Kris D

I signed up because I wanted to have an easier time keeping up with my friends (which it did help me with)... but what it really did is help me not care so much about keeping up and just go outside and have fun instead!I signed up for the program with the hopes of gaining the physical strength to keep up with my friends; while the workouts increased my confidence in my physical abilities, the holistic program gave me the mental boost to not care if I could keep up, and to instead just enjoy my time recreating with my friends.

Britta S.

Ski Babes win to share! Today was day 1 of my AIARE 1 training [avalanche hazard management] and I am very new to backcountry skiing and it's all a bit out of my comfort zone. We did a bit of touring and had to do kick turns and I had JUST practiced them the past two Mondays in the workout. They went so well!

Katie M