Why Mindful
Interval Training?

Mindful Interval Training is the methodology behind all of Mind & Mountain’s training programs. So, what’s it all about and how can it help you?

Mindful Interval Training helps
strengthen both your body and mind.

Mindful Interval Training is a path toward sustainable strength that's free from the pressures of toxic fitness & adventure bro culture. 

We want to put an end to the 'no pain, no gain' approach to training that glorifies overriding our body's messages. Instead, we can trust the intelligence of our body & build strength with the support of our nervous system and mental health. 

You don’t have to push yourself past your limits in every workout to make progress. In fact, training in partnership with your body & nervous system is the path toward sustainable, injury-free strength.

That's why, at Mind & Mountain, we created Mindful Interval Training — a holistic training methodology built around four components: Move, Play, Feel, Rest.


we do things differently around here

Mindful Interval Training is all about building sustainable, functionally-oriented strength — built in partnership with our body, mind, & nervous system.

And it's not just any strength — here we're about building strength that supports our time outside, so we can move & play in the mountains with more fun & less injury.

Here's how we do it:

Instead of generalized training that builds 'gym strength' but doesn't convert to time in the mountains, we practice outdoor rec-specific exercises that build muscle memory, tensegrity, & functional strength for outdoor time... so that your time outside is more fun & you're less prone to injuries. (We have specific training programs for summer, winter, & shoulder seasons)

Instead of pushing through & overriding our body's signals, we practice listening, trusting, and working with our body... so we can learn the skill of knowing when it's time to push and when it's time to pull back. (This is a super important skill for injury prevention and avoiding overtraining)

Instead of expecting perfect workouts and program followthrough, we plan for the messy times and work on healing our workout perfectionism... so that when life gets lifey we're better able to roll with it and keep going. (The ability to show up through the messy times with meh workouts - and even some missed workouts - is a great indicator of long-term sustainable strength)


Instead of fitting ourselves into one-size-fits-all training program, we're celebrating modifications and up-levels and everything in between... so that we can show up on the meh days and know that it's still working. (It is!) 

Instead of believing that more is always better, we believe that better is better. With Mindful Interval Training, we're practicing minimum effective dosing... so that we can get strong and still have time for the other parts of life that matter. (You can build A LOT of strength with focused 35-45 min workouts 3x weekly — I can't wait for you to feel this!) 

how mindful interval training works

Mindful Interval Training is made up of four components: move, play, feel, & rest. This multi-pronged approach is effective and efficient; while you're focusing on one area, you’re growing in all four at any given time throughout training.

Let’s talk about each of these four concepts. 

Mindful Interval Training Methodology






Movement is the heart of this program. Our workouts are designed to build strength through moving mindfully, with outdoor rec & nervous system in mind.

When we move, it’s not just about building strong muscles and aerobic fitness. Instead, we're building holistic systems of strength that work together.

For example, we build a strong, functional core through lots of different exercises. Core strength, including muscles like our inner thighs, is key to building balance and stability for handling shaky, slippery, and rocky terrain outdoors.

Another big piece of this puzzle is a healthy posterior chain. That means building strength through our back, glutes, and hamstrings. Our posterior chains are so important for both balance and power. These muscles create the foundation for so much of how we play outside.

We know mobility is a key part of recovery and healthy bodies, too. You’ll find mobility work in each workout, plus a library of even more mobility exercises whenever you need a little extra.

When you’re learning these movements, we give you all the info you need to make sure you’re exercising with good form. The right technique is so important for injury prevention! We offer a library of modifications for injuries or other concerns, too. Safe movement is good movement!


The fun part! Our programs are made for joyful movement.

When we workout at home, we are creating neuromuscular connections with every rep. What that means is we’re building muscle memory! Learning muscle memory in a controlled environment, like our homes, helps our bodies automatically know what to do when we’re playing outside on the trails.

While we’re building muscle memory, we’re building functional tensegrity, too. This means getting all those soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons ready to take on our outdoor adventures. By training both the big and small parts of our bodies, we’re less prone to injury, and can head out on our adventures feeling confident and strong.

Play culminates in Long Days Outside, or LDOs. LDOs look different for everyone, but all of them are outings that shake up the everyday routine. LDOs are a celebration! By building strength, injury resilience, and a strong mindset, we can truly enjoy the time we have outside instead of getting stuck with injury or overwhelm.


Training isn’t just about how our muscles feel. It’s important to tune into what’s happening in our nervous system and the rest of our bodies, too. “Feel” means listening to what our bodies are telling us! Tracking these sensations will help us be more aware of the little changes in our body each day, so we know when to push or when to slow down.

We’ll help you learn the language of your own stress cycle. Our bodies are affected by stress of all kinds, not just exercise. Maybe that stress is from push-ups, relationships, work, hiking, or money–it all affects us! We want to listen for those stress signals and learn how to complete the stress cycle (workouts & outdoor time are great ways to do this).

Part of feeling is also taking care of our self-talk and mindset. Like a garden, we want to patiently root out the weeds of what no longer serves us. We also want to take time to grow the seeds of a healthy, resilient mindset.


Rest is where the real magic happens as our bodies and minds build back up after doing something hard. Rest can look like so many things, not just sleep or days off!

We believe in taking time for deep rest. When we have a day off training, often we end up cramming our day with a thousand other things on our to-do list. While sometimes life takes a lot of our energy, we want to be sure we’re not just swapping one kind of hard work with another. We need time for true recovery!

While deep rest is important, active recovery has its place in our training, too. Gentle movement can help relieve muscle soreness and boost our moods, especially when it’s playful. Outdoor rec can be great active recovery — and our programs come with an Active Recovery Library of yoga, meditation, barre, & other embodiment classes to support your active recovery days.  

Fuel is another crucial part of our rest equation. It’s so important to care for our bodies by providing plenty of nourishing foods. We practice anti-diet culture nutrition and encourage fueling your body to thrive and take up space. Fuel is key for recovery in every part of training, including rest days!

Lastly, community and relationships are a type of rest, too. Our communities help support us when we are stretched thin, giving us space to reset and recover. Being someone else’s support can also feel good and uplifting. We want you to practice both giving and receiving support and encouragement for others in your community.

training in seasons and cycles

One of the keys to strong, sustainable growth is knowing when to build and when to rest — the fancy term for this in the training world is periodization. Periodization means that some workouts and some weeks of our programs are more intense, while others are more gentle. Both rest and challenge are important for growth!

Our programs are designed using six-week rounds. Within those six weeks, you’ll build up to a peak, then recover after the peak. If you do more than one training cycle, you’ll build up to a higher peak each time as you get stronger. You can learn more about how these training cycles work in our Annual Training Cycle Overview.






how to get started!

No matter what time of year it is, we’re here to support your adventures. And you don’t have to wait until the beginning of the cycle to join us.

If the start of Summer Strong or Ski Babes is still a little ways away, you can sign up for Balance Training to bridge the gap and get you ready for the start of the new program.

If you want to jump right into Ski Babes or Summer Strong, the best time to join is during our pre-season launches. Get on the M&M email list to be notified of these launches.

And if you're finding this after the season has begun, don’t worry! You can always join in midseason at the start of each training cycle. And if you can't wait until the next cycle starts, send us an email and we'll let you know what your options are. 

If you join Ski Babes or Summer Strong during the Mid or Late Season, you'll get access to multiple rounds of workouts. We recommend starting at Round One of training for best results. If you only get one or two rounds instead of three before the end of the season, you’ll still see lots of growth! Most people report feeling the difference in their backcountry strength after ~2 weeks of training.

Like this member says, results can come quickly: 

We can't wait to see you in our community! 

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Outside time is awesome, but it's not always easy. Often it requires us to dig deep, confront our fears, and rise to the challenge. Our experience of that challenge is influenced by our identities, privileges, and the state of our nervous system — and while that's bullshit, we can learn to work skillfully with (and change!) these realities. 

That's why at Mind & Mountain, we're focused on helping you get strong, prioritize your mental health, have more fun outside, and build an outdoor recreation culture where everyone is welcome. 

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