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Ski Babes

The 2022/23 Ski Babes season starts October 10!

For any winter sports enthusiast looking for a supportive and efficient at-home cross-training routine. Strengthen the muscles and mindset you need for skiing, snowboarding, fat biking, ice skating, and more. And improve your seasonal mental health during this dark season!


Summer Strong

Closed for the season - click the link below for updates

A focused program to help you develop the kind of functional strength — both physical and mental — you need to trust your body in the mountains this summer. Train from your living room so that your adventures are more fun and with less injuries. You'll build the feeling of "I've got this" in both your body and your mind!


Balance Training

Open Enrollment

Gently improve physical balance through the practice of building strength, improving stability, and addressing imbalances. We'll also explore mental and life balance, learning tools for thriving in the balance of life's challenges.


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I live, work, and play on the unceded land of the Dena'ina people. I'm committed to using my life and work to create a world where colonization and oppression are no longer normal or possible. #decolonize