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Kind words from our members 💗


Sarah M 

Holy cow Ski Babes workouts rock! I just skied to the Snowbird hut and back after not skiing with an overnight pack for at least 10 years and I felt amazing! I even skied out in breakable crust and flat light! I'm a convert! I wonder how much more amazing it would be if I had started in October!? Thanks so much for creating and sharing the workouts!


It's so refreshing to find a fitness program that takes a holistic approach to health and acknowledges that the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual etc. aspects of health are all intertwined. The focus on a positive mindset instead of one that focuses on shame about body image is so refreshing to see! I really appreciate how applicable the mindset talks, movements and workouts are to the activities I do outside - functional movement for the win! I also really appreciate the flexibility in having online workouts.


I feel like this program has gotten me back on track. I’ve stayed relatively fit but have lost strength over the last several years. I’ve signed up for the whole summer series as I want to keep building on the first round. I need the structure and flexibility of Summer Strong. Also Sarah is socially conscious so I feel good about supporting her as a businessperson and coach.