Busy Day Workout

Try the 24-min Busy Day Workout & see if my training style is a good fit for you!

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learn more about training with mind & mountain

At Mind & Mountain, we provide online training to build functional strength for outdoor recreation. Our programs help you cross-train from your living room so your outdoor adventures are more fun and you are less prone to injury.

Our programs are all based on Mindful Interval Training and can be done anywhere with internet access. We train using an Annual Training Cycle. You can get to know more about the ethos behind our work and our team here! 

at mind & mountain, we believe:

Outdoors are for everyone. All shapes, sizes, genders, races, sexual identities, ages, abilities. All bodies are good bodies, and all are welcome here.

Strength is the key. Functional strength helps us play in the mountains without injury, and have more fun doing it. And you don’t have to give up your other priorities — or do a workout program perfectly — to get strong.

Mental health matters. Exercise supports mental health when we ditch the “no-pain, no gain” pressure and replace it with titrated challenges, shifting our relationships with our bodies, & gradually increasing our capacity to do hard things without overriding our nervous systems’ cues.

Hi, I'm Sarah

I'll be your guide for this busy day workout. I'm a personal trainer, mental health counselor, and outdoor adventurer from Alaska. I've traveled thousands of miles on foot, skis, skates, & packrafts, and I'm passionate about helping outdoor recreation become more accessible & inclusive for all. 

I'm excited to help you build the mind & body strength you need for your winter adventures this year, whether they're big & bold or mindfully local.  My workout style is down-to-earth, body-positive, and lighthearted, with options for all fitness levels. I hope you join us!