Ski Babes: Winter Sports Training

Build a strong body and mind so you can prevent injuries, have fun outside, and be resilient for whatever winter has in store for us!

Ski Babes is online mind & body training for winter! With a dual focus on 1) functional strength for outdoor recreation fun, and 2) mental strength for winter mood & energy (which also contributes to better times outside), Ski Babes will help set you up for success this winter. 

You'll also be joining an incredible community of like-minded folks, who appreciate their time outside and want to make the world a better place. In these emergent times, home workouts and outdoor time can be our anchors. Let's do winter together!  

If you need information about Sistering Support - our equity pricing program - or creating a custom payment plan, click here

Ski Babes is closed for the season! We will begin our 2023 training cycle in October. Sign up here for updates.

If you're interested in late access to our current training round, email [email protected]

Sistering Support (contribute to equity pricing & support for those with financial need)

Make a donation to support equity pricing & support for those with financial need.

"Sistering" is a building term in which a beam that's holding up too much weight is supported by additional beams on either side. This metaphor conveys what we're after with this support: helping provide equity pricing for BIPOC & others who have been under-represented in the outdoor rec world, as well as those who have expressed financial need. Your donation will go directly to lowering the costs for others in the Mind & Mountain community. 

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