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Summer Strong: Online Training for Summer Adventures

More strength, less injuries. More fun, less fear. #YouGotThis


Let's Go!

It's been a long couple of years.

We need the joy & restoration of outdoor recreation now more than ever.

And - our bodies & minds have been through a lot.  

We've been adapting and adjusting for so long now, living with stress, change, & social unrest as our new normal. It's been a lot! 

If you're like me, you have high hopes for this summer. You dream of shaking off the winter blahs & feeling strong in the mountains - exploring new trails, soaking in the views, and sharing tundra snack breaks with friends.


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Summer Strong can help you have the summer you've been dreaming about.

You'll build the strong muscles AND the resilient (and self-compassionate) mindset you need to have an incredible summer filled with mountaintop vistas, tundra naps, revisiting favorite spots and exploring new gems.

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In these wild & challenging times, outdoor activities + home workouts can be our anchor

Here's how our ⭐️ Summer Strong Stars ⭐️ used their strength last summer:

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The Goal

Build functional strength (the kind you need to do the funky things that being outside demands!) so you can have as much fun as possible this summer. 

Prevent injuries, increase balance & mobility, and have an easier time keeping up with your friends!

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The Plan

Efficient and engaging bodyweight workouts designed to keep your body challenged, your mind growing, and build the kind of strength you need for your outdoor adventures.

  • 35-45 minute workouts
  • Train three days/week
  • Three six-week periodized training rounds (see visual below) that progress through the summer
  • Join for multiple training cycles or just one. **We encourage the Full Summer package for best results & the best deal!**
  • Train mental strength & nervous system capacity alongside physical strength
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One Training Cycle

Outdoor Rec-specific exercises

Build form, alignment, & muscle memory for summer recreation fun. Practicing outdoor movements while we're inside helps our body lay down the neuropathways it'll need to react quickly on the trail.

You'll feel the difference in your biking, hiking, running, and boating adventures! 

Periodized Training Plan

Build your nervous system capacity

Using mindful interval training and embodiment practices, you'll build awareness of how your nervous system reacts under stress AND practice expanding its capacity. 

When our nervous systems have more capacity, everything is easier. You may notice less fear, less overwhelm, more energy, and more ability to speak your mind.


Time for Rest & Trips

Break free from workout perfectionism

Summer Strong does not need to be done perfectly in order to get results.

Instead, we're unlearning the "no pain, no gain" mentality we've been taught by bro-fitness culture, embracing messy workouts, and learning to listen to and trust our bodies. And we still get strong -- but without the shame cycle.


Get strong, complete your stress cycles, & keep up with your friends (and kids!) 

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Summer Strong builds functional strength using a periodized training plan.


One Training Cycle

Six-week training cycles

Each cycle increases in difficulty, progressing to its own training peak. 

Outdoor rec-specific exercises that help build the muscle memory you need for enjoyable & injury-free time outside.

Periodized Training Plan

Three cycles build through the summer

Exercises & fitness levels increase as the season progresses.

We'll build muscles and nervous system capacity together through the summer, so by the end of the season you're surprised by your strength & ability to do hard things -- both in the mountains and in daily life.

Time for Rest & Trips

Trips are part of the plan

Rest & adventure are integrated into the Summer Strong training plan!

We'll learn how to complete our stress cycles so we can prevent summer overwhelm & burnout, and how to work outdoor adventures into busy lives. 


Summer Strong Stars come in all shapes, sizes, colors, & abilities.

My teaching style is down-to-earth, body-positive, and mental health-informed so you feel uplifted & powerful at the end of each workout. 

You won't find any body-shaming, comparison, or pressure to override your body's signals here. 

Instead, I coach using positive encouragement that helps you listen to your body & find the right challenge level for you. I promise to deliver an encouraging push when you need it, as well as reminders that "moving is winning" and "you've got this" as your body adjusts to the workouts. 

And yes, we have badass summer athletes inside, but don't be intimidated by that. We also have new moms, weekend warriors, and aging athletes. The workouts are super adaptable to meet your body where it's at and help you move toward your goals, from the big adventures to family outings to coping with summer mental health.

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Money-Back Guarantee

I believe in this program 100%, but if Summer Strong isn't a fit for you we offer a money-back guarantee. We all have different bodies and minds, and we've all been through different things. Only you know what's best for your body, and I'll always encourage you to speak up for your needs

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Wildland Firefighter

I have noticed significant strength gains both physically and mentally. I am better equipped to continue moving (skiing, biking, etc.) when I become fatigued; thanks to training with Sarah! 

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Environmental Lawyer

These workouts have helped me feel stronger, less injury-prone, and better prepared to handle whatever the mountains decide to dish out. I also love that they're time efficient, so that when life happens, I know I'm not falling behind with my athletic goals.

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Health Coach & Super-mom

Sarah is an amazing trainer and you can easily do the workouts to your own ability and grow from whichever point you are starting from. The focus is on building strength and endurance and also the focus on FOCUS! 

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I signed up because I wanted to have an easier time keeping up with my friends (which it did help me with)... but what it really did is help me not care so much about keeping up and just go outside and have fun instead!I signed up for the program with the hopes of gaining the physical strength to keep up with my friends; while the workouts increased my confidence in my physical abilities, the holistic program gave me the mental boost to not care if I could keep up, and to instead just enjoy my time recreating with my friends.

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I'm kind of obsessed with the program. It really resonates with me for a few reasons: First, it focuses on strength and stamina for outdoor activities, rather than being about some abstract idea of "fitness" (which can be interpreted by some fitness programs as "looking good"). The real-world application is so meaningful to me, and helps me get motivated and stay motivated. And the program really has made me stronger for outdoor activities, so it works! Second, Sarah's presence as the trainer is warm, welcoming, and encouraging. I often laugh during sessions when she says something like "come on, legs!" Third, I love the dance move reward and star chart as ways to reward myself for showing up—in a fun and lighthearted way. Fourth, I appreciate the community aspect of the program, supporting each other and talking through successes and challenges. All of these things just make the program work for me! I love it so much!

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Operations Manager

I couldn't believe my luck when I found Sarah's programs. As a plus size person with a previous history of food issues, it's terribly difficult to find exercise programs that feel safe and that are not loaded with shame. Sarah focus' on getting stronger and there is no attention paid to working out to lose weight or get a 'bikini body'. Her mobility track makes all of the workouts scalable so almost anyone can participate no matter if they are coming from the couch or are a seasoned athlete. I couldn't recommend the program more and love it so much that I weaseled my way into a job with her! 

Let's get strong, together

I'm a mental health-informed adventure fitness trainer, here to help you build the muscles & self-awareness to take your adventures to the next level. I built this training methodology after years of outdoor recreation peaks (amazing trips!) and valleys (crippling fear & imposter syndrome). 

My style is down-to-earth, welcoming, and light-hearted. I promise to deliver the encouraging push when you need it, and to help you finish each workout feeling uplifted & powerful. 

I'm excited for you to experience the positive relationship with movement that is possible when we train from this mental health-informed place!  

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Financial support & equity pricing

"Sistering" is a construction term in which a post that's holding up too much weight is supported by additional posts on either side. This metaphor conveys what we're after: helping take some of the weight off those who are carrying a lot right now. 

Especially for BIPOC, queer, disabled, bigger bodies, and others who are underrepresented in the outdoor world; we need more of you in the mountains and in the pictures on this page. We acknowledge and apologize for the lack of representation here. We're working to fix that, and in the meantime have a number of equity-priced spots available. We hope you grab one!

Apply for Sistering Support & Equity Pricing here (2 min application) Applications for Sistering Support for this session close July 16, and recipients will be notified on or around July 18.

For those who would like to contribute to this effort, there is an option to donate to the Sistering/Equity Fund as part of your Summer Strong registration. 

When you join today, you'll receive these amazing bonuses:


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Bonus #1: Mountain Bike Skills with Grande

Get ready to learn the skills to take your mountain biking to the next level! Christina Grande is an accomplished mountain bike racer, endurance athlete, and a bike fit expert who brings her big smile & encouraging spirit to everything she does. 

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Bonus #2: Paddling Skills with Becky

Become master of your boat with paddle-skills instructor Becky King! Becky is a certified ACA paddling instructor, a Swiftwater Safety Technician, National Park Service Backcountry Ranger, and an accomplished packrafter, canoer, sea kayaker, and sailer. Becky's paddling technique classes will help you learn to use your paddle strokes to control your boat, read the water, and enjoy your time boating. 

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Bonus #3: Outdoor Allyship Interview Series

Learn how to do your part to create an outdoor recreation culture where everyone is welcome. We'll bring in a new expert each round to talk allyship and social justice with the goal of promoting equity, decolonization, and liberation for all. 

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Bonus #4:  Modification Series with Sarah

Find the appropriate modifications for your needs with this helpful bonus series. Anyone with past injuries, imbalances, or aches & pains can benefit from adapting exercises to their specific body's limitations. Special modifications for sore/weak wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders, and pre/post natal fitness are included.  

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Bonus #5: Follow-Through Strategies with Sarah

The ability to follow through on what we start may be the most important thing in our efforts to improve our bodies and our lives. In this bonus we'll explore your personality type using the Four Tendencies and how working with your personality instead of against it can help you establish follow-through plans that work for your individual needs.  

Community Forum

Bonus #6: Community Forum with Everyone

Our Summer Strong forum is the place to connect with members in your local area and around the globe. Our Summer Strong community takes place on private platform (not Facebook) that allows for less distraction and more privacy. This past winter's members really appreciated having a space to interact online that's not social media.

We'll share wins, provide accountability & support, and inspire each other with our adventures. The community is one of the highlights of this program and I know you'll a ton out of this forum!

Summer Strong Late Summer Session begins Monday, July 18 2022

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