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build functional strength for a summer of fun & adventure!

More strength, less injuries. More fun, less fear. #YouGotThis

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building the strength we need for summer

summer can be really fun — especially with the right preparation

Summer recreation demands a ton from our bodies and minds. We want to maximize our summer adventures while also preventing injuries, overtraining, and burnout!

Luckily, we're not alone and we know what works. For many of us, staying active & getting outside regularly are important pieces of summer wellness.

And that's where Summer Strong comes in.  


summer strong can help you have the summer you've been dreaming about

Our online training will help you build the strong muscles and the resilient (and self-compassionate) mindset you need to have an incredible summer filled with beautiful hikes, campsites with jaw-dropping views, and secret mountain swim spots — all without injuries and with confidence and trust in your body

Watch this quick 1-minute video to learn what Summer Strong is all about.


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“Sarah is an amazing trainer”

“You can easily do the workouts to your own ability and grow from whichever point you are starting from. The focus is on building strength and endurance and also the focus on FOCUS!”


Health Coach & Super-Mom

the goal

Burn off stress & build functional strength (power, endurance, tensegrity, and mental stamina) so you can avoid injury and fully enjoy your time outside this winter.

It's hard to have fun outside when your body is tired or hurt; instead, we'll build our strength in the living room so when it's time to play we're ready!

the plan

Efficient and engaging bodyweight workouts designed to keep your body challenged, your mind growing, and build the kind of strength you need for your outdoor adventures.

  • Stream your 35-45 minute workouts
  • Train three days/week
  • Three six-week periodized training rounds (see visual below) that progress through the summer
  • Join for multiple training cycles or just one. **We encourage the Full Summer package for best results & the best deal!**
  • Train mental strength & nervous system capacity alongside physical strength
Count me in!

get ready to be surprised at how quickly you feel yourself getting stronger!

You can anticipate the good-kind-of-sore, on the way to gaining functional strength, mobility, and endurance. And you'll increase stability & alignment in your movements, helping prevent injuries and keep you playing in the mountains for years to come.

outdoor rec-specific exercises

Build form, alignment, & muscle memory for summer recreation fun. Practicing outdoor movements while we're inside helps our body lay down the neuropathways it'll need to react quickly on the trail. You'll feel the difference in your biking, hiking, running, and boating adventures!

build your nervous system capacity

Using mindful interval training and embodiment practices, you'll build awareness of how your nervous system reacts under stress AND practice expanding its capacity. When our nervous systems have more capacity, everything is easier. You may notice less fear, less overwhelm, more energy, and more ability to speak your mind.

break free from workout perfectionism

Summer Strong does not need to be done perfectly in order to get results. Instead, we're unlearning the "no pain, no gain" mentality we've been taught by bro-fitness culture, embracing messy workouts, and learning to listen to and trust our bodies. And we still get strong -- but without the shame cycle.

get strong, complete your stress cycles, & keep up with your friends (and kids!)

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summer strong builds functional
strength using a periodized training plan.

one training cycle

training cycles

Each cycle increases in difficulty, progressing to its own training peak.

Build strength strategically — without under or overdoing it — using our titrated programming.

Workouts feature outdoor rec-specific exercises that help build the muscle memory you need for more fun and less injuries on the trail.

periodized training plan

three cycles build
through the summer

Exercises & fitness levels increase as the season progresses.

We'll build muscles and nervous system capacity together through the summer, so by the end of the season you're surprised by your strength & ability to do hard things — both in the mountains and in daily life.

time for rest & trips

trips are part
of the plan

Rest & adventure are an integral part of the Summer Strong Training Plan!

We'll learn how to incorporate Active Recovery & Long Days Outside, so gains are sustainable and we don't overtrain or burn out.

And we'll complete our stress cycles so we can manage midsummer burnout, backcountry fear, and Weakest Link Syndrome.

summer strong stars come in all shapes, sizes, colors, & abilities.

My teaching style is down-to-earth, body-positive, and mental health-informed so you feel uplifted & powerful at the end of each workout.

You won't find any body-shaming, comparison, or pressure to override your body's signals here.

Instead, I coach using positive encouragement that helps you listen to your body & find the right challenge level for you. I promise to deliver an encouraging push when you need it, as well as reminders that "moving is winning" and "you've got this" as your body adjusts to the workouts.

And yes, we have badass summer athletes inside, but don't be intimidated by that. We also have new moms, weekend warriors, aging folks, and more. The workouts are super adaptable to meet your body where it's at and help you move toward your goals, from the big adventures to family outings to coping with summer mental health.

Count me in!

“my favorite HIIT workouts!"

“Super positive, inclusive, and instructional. There's none of that talk about fat burning or anything negative, it's all about strength and doing what's best for you and what makes you feel good in body movement. I love it and highly recommend it.”

Summer Strong Participant

when you join today,
you'll receive these amazing bonuses:

bonus #1

mountain bike skills with grande

Get ready to learn the skills to take your mountain biking to the next level! Christina Grande is an accomplished mountain bike racer, endurance athlete, and a bike fit expert who brings her big smile & encouraging spirit to everything she does.

bonus #2

paddling skills with becky

Become master of your boat with paddle-skills instructor Becky King! Becky is a certified ACA paddling instructor, a Swiftwater Safety Technician, National Park Service Backcountry Ranger, and an accomplished packrafter, canoer, sea kayaker, and sailer. Becky's paddling technique classes will help you learn to use your paddle strokes to control your boat, read the water, and enjoy your time boating.

bonus #3

outdoor allyship interview series

Learn how to do your part to create an outdoor recreation culture where everyone is welcome. We'll bring in a new expert each round to talk allyship and social justice with the goal of promoting equity, decolonization, and liberation for all.

bonus #4

modification series with sarah

Find the appropriate modifications for your needs with this helpful bonus series. Anyone with past injuries, imbalances, or aches & pains can benefit from adapting exercises to their specific body's limitations. Special modifications for sore/weak wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders, and pre/post natal fitness are included.

bonus #5

follow-through strategies with sarah

The ability to follow through on what we start may be the most important thing in our efforts to improve our bodies and our lives. In this bonus we'll explore your personality type using the Four Tendencies and how working with your personality instead of against it can help you establish follow-through plans that work for your individual needs.

bonus #6

community forum with everyone

Our Summer Strong forum is the place to connect with members in your local area and around the globe. Our Summer Strong community takes place on private platform (not Facebook) that allows for less distraction and more privacy. This past season's members really appreciated having a space to interact online that's not social media.

money-back guarantee

I believe in this program 100%, but if Summer Strong isn't a fit for you we offer a money-back guarantee. We all have different bodies and minds, and we've all been through different things. Only you know what's best for your body, and I'll always encourage you to speak up for your needs.

"It fit pretty easy in my schedule"

“I was a little concerned about fitting it into my summer schedule of travel, camping, etc. But having finished round 1, I saw that I was able to fit it in pretty easily. I even brought my toy package while traveling—it was small enough to fit in my backpack”

Sarah M.

here's how our ⭐️ summer strong stars ⭐️
used their strength last summer:

Join us for our next round of training!

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Let's train!

hello, i'm sarah!

I am a mental health-informed adventure fitness trainer from Alaska. I founded Mind & Mountain because the confidence I built through outdoor recreation changed my life — and I want the same for you. 

Outside time is awesome, but it's not always easy. Often it requires us to dig deep, confront our fears, and rise to the challenge. Our experience of that challenge is influenced by our identities, privileges, and the state of our nervous system — and while that can be hard (to say the least), we can also learn to work skillfully with (and change!) these realities. 

That's why at Mind & Mountain, we're focused on helping you get strong, take really good care of yourself, and have more fun outside. And together, we'll build an outdoor recreation culture where everyone is welcome. 

Learn more about me

you'll also get a chance to learn from…



Anti-Diet Nutrition Coach

Shanique teaches our weekly Summer Strong Nutrition Modules



Community Manager Extraordinaire

Vanessa holds space for our members inside the Summer Strong community


Movement Teachers

Ntathu, Aaliyah, Jenny, Bridget, & Meghan teach live workouts & Active Recovery meditation & yoga sessions

sistering support equity fund

"Sistering" is a building term in which a beam that's holding up too much weight is supported by additional beams on either side. This metaphor conveys what we're after with this support: helping carry some of the burden through equity pricing for BIPOC & others who have been under-represented in the outdoor rec world, as well as those who have expressed financial need.

For those who would like to contribute to this effort, there is an option to donate to the Sistering/Equity Fund as part of your Summer Strong registration. 

Apply for Sistering Support & Equity Pricing
Summer Strong Testimonials

frequently asked questions

I live, work, and recreate on the unceded land of the Dena'ina people. I'm committed to using my life and work to create a world where colonization and oppression are no longer normal or possible. #decolonize