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for the mountains
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Let's Go!

outdoor time is awesome,
but it's not always easy

There's really nothing like feeling strong in the mountains. 

Soaking in the views from a gorgeous trail.

And fun flow on the ski slopes!

It's more than just fun — outdoor recreation helps us de-compress, de-stress, and reconnect to ourselves. Nature is healing, and building outdoor recreation skills can be empowering.

But outdoor recreation can also be hard! Steep trails, bad weather, and bug bites can wear us out, cause injuries, and bring out our innermost demons — fear, insecurity, and weakest link syndrome. 

That's where Mind & Mountain comes in.

Our online training programs provide focused, efficient workouts that help you build a strong mind & body — so your outdoor time is more fun and less injury-plagued. 

And you can do it all from your living room, so your workouts fit into the busy days without getting in the way of your outdoor time.

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mind & mountain training programs

Summer Strong

Now enrolling!

A focused program to help you develop the kind of functional strength — both physical and mental — you need to trust your body in the mountains this summer. Train from your living room so that your adventures are more fun and with less injuries. You'll build the feeling of "I've got this" in both your body and your mind!

Get Strong for Summer

Balance Training

Open Enrollment

Gently improve physical balance through the practice of building strength, improving stability, and addressing imbalances. We'll also explore mental and life balance, learning tools for thriving in the balance of life's challenges.

Cultivate Balance & Play

Ski Babes

Ski Babes starts in October

For any winter sports enthusiast looking for a supportive and efficient at-home cross-training routine. Strengthen the muscles and mindset you need for skiing, snowboarding, fat biking, ice skating, and more. And improve your seasonal mental health during this dark season!

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Annual Training Cycle

Mind & Mountain’s programs are made to support your outdoor adventures, no matter what time of year! Instead of the same program year-round, we offer training plans made especially for summer, winter, & shoulder seasons.

We train in seasonal cycles & peaks, using periodization to build and rest intentionally, so our growth aligns with nature's rhythms.

How it works

“I couldn't believe my luck”

“As a plus size person with a previous history of food issues, it's terribly difficult to find exercise programs that feel safe and that are not loaded with shame. Sarah's focus is on getting stronger and there is no attention paid to working out to lose weight or get a 'bikini body'.


Operations Manager

what is mindful interval training (m.i.t.)?

While you strengthen your physical body, you'll also build mental strength and self-awareness — and outdoor rec muscle memory.

Mindful Interval Training is a "challenge by choice" bodyweight training methodology that is mental health and trauma-informed. We'll practice speaking the language of your nervous system so you know when to push and when to pull back (this skill is critical for injury prevention and nervous system capacity building)

And that's not all... we'll also build muscle memory, balance, and tensegrity so your body is ready to show up for the funky movements that outdoor recreation requires.

It won't always be easy, but with Mindful Interval Training you can build a strong mind & body so you can spend time outside with less fear and injuries — and more FUN!

Why Mindful Interval Training

mindful interval training methodology

outdoor rec specific exercises

outdoor rec
specific exercises

outdoor rec specific exercises

build nervous
system capacity

outdoor rec specific exercises

break free from
workout perfectionism

outdoor rec specific exercises

nutrition without
the diet culture

periodized training programs

periodized training programs

outdoors are for everyone

outdoors are
for everyone

embracing fitness that supports - and never shames - your body 

Instead of using override to push through workouts & adventures, you can build functional strength in partnership with your body ✨

breaking the cycle of

"grit through it"
  • Off-the-couch adventures (ouch!)
  • Workouts that aren't outdoor rec-specific
  • "No pain, no gain" fitness & outdoor recreation bro culture
  • Workouts that get in the way of your outdoor time
  • Diet culture & fatphobia
  • Complicated gym workouts that you don't actually do
  • "Never miss a Monday" workout guilt & perfectionism
  • Rugged individualism & do-it-yourself training

what we do instead,

"gently and firmly"
  • Train from your living room
  • Outdoor rec-specific exercises that build functional strength, stability, & balance
  • Mental health & nervous system-informed fitness
  • Workouts designed to fit alongside your outdoor time
  • Anti-diet culture nutrition & body positive training
  • Stream your workouts anywhere with internet access
  • Support & accountability from a coach & community of like-minded folks

“I appreciate the community aspect of the program”

“I'm kind of obsessed with the program. It really resonates with me for a few reasons: First, it focuses on strength and stamina for outdoor activities, rather than being about some abstract idea of "fitness" (which can be interpreted by some fitness programs as "looking good"). The real-world application is so meaningful to me, and helps me get motivated and stay motivated. And the program really has made me stronger for outdoor activities, so it works!”





hello, i'm sarah!

I am a mental health-informed adventure fitness trainer from Alaska. I founded Mind & Mountain because the confidence I built through outdoor recreation changed my life — and I want the same for you. 

Outside time is awesome, but it's not always easy. Often it requires us to dig deep, confront our fears, and rise to the challenge. Our experience of that challenge is influenced by our identities, privileges, and the state of our nervous system — and while that can be hard (to say the least), we can also learn to work skillfully with (and change!) these realities. 

That's why at Mind & Mountain, we're focused on helping you get strong and have more fun outside. Let's all take really good care of ourselves & each other, while we're building an outdoor recreation culture where everyone is welcome. 

Learn more about me

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I live, work, and play on the unceded land of the Dena'ina people. I'm committed to using my life and work to create a world where colonization and oppression are no longer normal or possible. #decolonize